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Waging War at Steampunk - RATED 93

I personally love this stogie with coffee or beer, but to each his/her own. Should hit our cabinet by Thursday.

The man, the legend, the War Hawk.

Henry Clay was an outspoken man. As a United States congressman and senator in the early 1800s, he fiercely advocated for war with Britain in order to secure Florida and the North West for America, and played a big role in beginning the War of 1812. Clay and his supporters were known as War Hawks, and now his namesake cigar brand is honoring this reputation with a feisty new blend, the Henry Clay War Hawk.

The War Hawk replaces the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper used on previous Henry Clay releases with a sumptuous Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, overtop a broadleaf binder and long-fillers from the lush soils of Honduras. The profile is balanced yet spicy, producing notes of earth, cocoa, and cedar. Following the success of the 92-rated Henry Clay Stalk Cut, this release is sure to fly off the shelves. We’re not saying you’ll have to go to war to get your hands on some, but you won’t want to wait!



Stronger than it looks, this golden-brown corona delivers a dense, creamy smoke that pops with citrus tang in the form of dried orange peel. Sweeter notes of caramel and honey are underscored by oakiness, nutmeg and a shortbread finish.

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