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Good evening cigar family,

We are very appreciative to have such an awesome customer base. Steampunk is truly blessed. During our monthly Membership Advisory Board meeting the subject of Non-Members using the lounge after hours came into conversation.

Steampunk must ensure that our member's privileges and benefits are exclusive to them. that being said, we also have a strong non-member base, but we must be fair to our members.

Therefore, effective today, non-members must adhere to the business hours. Of course non-members that are not frequent visitors and are guest of a member may enjoy the lounge in the company of that member.

Reminder: All non-members must meet the minimum spend and sign-in at the kiosk during each visit. Thanks so much in advance.

Note 1: We ask that our members ensure that their guest are aware of our house policies.

Note 2: Special accommodations are made for our many out of town visitors to Sac on a per visit basis.

Mon-Thursday 11A-10P

Fri.-Saturday 12P-11:30P

Sundays 1P-6P once we resume Sundays

Many thanks to you all.

Gabriel@ Steampunk Membership Advisory Board

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